Friday, June 20, 2014

Scope of work Procedure SIte / offshore Medical Team


  1. To prepare doctor/nurse working in offshore/onshore/site  location
  2. In  handling emergency case arising from accident or illness effectively and immediately, And  to ensure their rapid transfer to an appropriate medical facility as necessary.
  3. To  ensure healthy workforce by doing physical exam to determine Fitness for work.
  4. To prevent food and waterborne illness. thru Hygicnc Inspection
    • support health and safety program in the work location

·  ATLS,
·  ACLS,Hyperkes(Ministry of Man Power Oec Health Training),
·  Past Experience working offshore/onshore/site
·  Familiar with Fitness for work guideline.

Roles and Responsibility:
  1. Check equipment readiness for Airway,Brcathing and Circulation management.
    1. (see check list ATLS standard medical equipment,)
    2. Audit equipment missing and report to Client's Company Doctor/HSE
  2. Maintain Kitchen Hygiene by doing
    1. Weekly Kitchen Inspection,
    2. Kitchen hygiene education to kitchen staff,
    3. Water sampling test for bacteriology every month.
    4. Familiar with Out break investigation protocol/ questionnaire.
  3.  Walk Thru Safety / Health inspection including checking PPE usage in the workplace.
  4. Health talk eg.on Prevention Low Back Pain,Welding Flash.etc
  5. Fitness for work by doing physical examination and or reviewing Medical check up report of employee/contractor .and Food handler
  6.  Medivac procedure/flow chart ..Become familiar here to send and contact person check with client's company doctor/HSE..Also need to know the medical emergency report form for trauma/aecident and illness.
  7. Give First Aid/Basic Life Support training.
  8. Mass disaster preparation and drill.(Coordinate with HSE staff)..
  9. Curative treatment for employee based on company policy/standard drugs
  10. Maintain medical record and report to Client

Perlengkapan ATLS


          Pocket Face Mask
          Manual Suction Apparatus
·        Oropharynx airway, various size
·        Nasopharynx airway, various size
          Endotracheal intubation
·        Laryngoscope
·        Endotracheal tubes, various size
          Surgical tracheal intubation : cricothyroidectomy set


B. Breathing
          Oxygen bottle with reducing valve
          Oxygen delivery device:
·        Oxygen Mask
·        Oxygen mask with reservoir bag
          Oxygen hose
          Respirator bag ( ambu ) with reservoir bag
          Venous catheter 14G,16G
          Thoracotomy set
·        Chest tube & water sealed drainage set
          Pulse oxymeter
          Portable ventilator
          Sphygmomanometer, aneroid, and mercury

C. Circulation
          Venous catheter, various size
          Lactated ringer solution
          Infusion & transfusion set
          Venous cut down set
          Central venous catheter, various size
          Pericardial puncture set
          AED, for runner
          Nasogastric tube
          Urine catheter
          Pneumatic antishcok garment

First Responder , Knowledge and Skill Bantuan medis primer